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#29 Encanto + Song Rankings!

May 15, 2022


Today we are talking Encanto!

And of course, because it's definitely a musical, we are ranking all the songs.

But first, the movie discussion.

We get into some fun facts about the movie.

Like how each character's outfit hints at what their gifts are.

Apparently Bruno was going to have a different name. Leaving us to wonder what would "We Don't Talk About Bruno" have sounded like?

Stephanie Beatriz was going to be cast as a different character?

And we tackle other questions like

How does the miracle work? Why was it dying?

Is Abuela the "bad guy"?

Should Dolores have talked about Bruno?

Should this movie get more credit for it's animation quality?

And other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head.

Thanks for listening!






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